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What is "Prèt à Couture"?

"Prèt à Couture" is the perfect match between “Prêt-à-Porter” and “Haute Couture” a new word of Fashion engaged in the creation of a tailoring product that maintained the style and vocation of Haute Couture while letting the excesses; and -of course- any garment is "one-of-a-kind"! 

      SS 2018

White & Co.

 AW 2018-2019

Coming Soon

What is "Style" for Davinci Milano?

''Style is the easiest way we have to reconnect to beauty.
It is the courage to not be homologated, the courage to dress for what we like regardless the current fashion.
It's the willingness to know, to try, but never betray our body and our character, without deceiving our image in the mirror."


Leaders in everyway life.